Each year, Ltd. "OPTRON" designs and installs tens of kilometres of underground cable communication. Ltd. "OPTRON" has all the necessary licenses for construction, management and supervision. Company employees regularly undergo training courses on the latest construction technologies, which is represented by received certificates, including the installation of internal cabling in buildings.

Currently Ltd. "OPTRON” masters latest duct and rapid cable construction technology. From 1998 Ltd. "OPTRON" experts prefer fundamentally new system of ducts construction technology, which is based on a particular installed duct and hidden cable chambers. This technology allows for a more flexible system with high capacity cable on the basis of watertight ducts and particularly safe, easy and quick re-configurated and enlargement of cable networks, thus reducing costs and shortening the duration of construction compared to conventional duct construction technology. The applied technology is valid for both optical and copper communications cables and electricity cable installations.

Ltd. "OPTRON" had all the necessary modern equipment for full cycle of construction and technological works:

- Construction work (excavators, forklifts, trucks, non-trench construction equipment, etc.)

- cable blowing (specialized compressors, installation of cables by blowing method);

- Cable ducts into the traditional system

- a cable airlines on electricity lines or railway contact pillars

- the optical communications assembly line (high-class expertise of technological equipment for fiber-optic welding and measuring equipment for testing optical fibres).

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