Ltd. "OPTRON offers fiber-optic communication line maintenance and repair services, including emergency and urgent cases. The company has all the necessary technological equipment, control and measurement equipment with which Ltd." OPTRON "qualified specialists in short time can discover damage or disturbance causes in the line and quickly solve them.

Similar damage causes can be reduced substantially by using modern and high quality service, which includes:

- a visual loop track inspection and prevention of factors which in the future could lead to damage of cable lines
- regular measurements of optical line parameters, which allows separation of potentially dangerous links, analyze and prevent deterioration of fibre optical parameters
- a complex analysis of current status of optical-line, the change dynamics of the key parameters and implementation of recommendations to prevent causes that leads to deterioration of service.

Ltd. "OPTRON 'warranty period for executed works:

- optic cable systems - not less than 3 years

- communication lines, where full assembly is performed- according to component factory`s-manufacture`s guarantee

- optical fibre welding and adapters connection - not less than 5 years.


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