Ltd. "OPTRON offers wide range of materials, tools and accessories from the world's leading manufacturers:

Optical Cables SM 9 / 125, 50/125 MM MM 62.5/125
• indoor installation
• outdoor installation
• combined cables for blowing in tubes
• armed cables for ground installation
• cables for aerial installation and self-supporting cables
• patch cords
• micro cables

HDPE and PE pipe, cable wells, accessories
• HDPE pipes and micro cables with an inner coating
• Straight and frilled tubes for communication cable protection underground
• Connectors for tubes and micro tubes
• Caps for pipes and micro tubes
• Cable glands for pipes and micro tubes
• Markers for site selection beneath the ground
• PE cable wells
• Reinforced wells and hatches
• Warning tape underground installation

Cable clamps, patch panels, accessories
• Optical clamps
• 19 "wall, floor cabinets and accessories
• 19" optical panels and accessories
• Thermo tubes for protection fiber optic welds
• optic cables, adapters, connectors cleaning supplies
• The switching panels Cat3, Cat5 UTP, FTP Cat5 ; CAT6 UTP, Cat 6 FTP and accessories

Technological equipment, tools
• The optical cable blowing hardware
• Hardware and accessories for laying cables
• Trailers for carrying cable coils
• Compressors for blow in hardware
• Tools for cable assembling
• Optic cable network testing equipment, OTDR, Mini-OTDR
• Power meters
• Optical trace analysers
• Optical cable welding equipment and accessories
• Optical pruning and multiplexors
• Polishing equipment, polishing paper and accessories

SM and MM connectors

SM and MM adapters: simplex, duplex

Plug-in and In-Line type bulkheads from 1 to 30 dB
• SC, FC, ST, LC UPC and APC

Cat5e UTP; Cat5e FTP; Cat6 UTP; Cat 6 FTP cables

SM, MM Ethernet media converters


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