OPTRON virtual platform offers clients to rent IT infrastructure with all the necessary business applications in Cloud (Office as a Service).

Using this service provides an opportunity to reduce client’s company expenses on IT infrastructure modernization and maintenance.

Virtual platform vCloud OPTRON services:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – rent of virtual computing resources (RAM, CPU, Storage)
  • Internet/VPN – network resources to access vCloud OPTRON from your office
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service - emergency restoration of customer's IT infrastructure and information resources
  • Desktop as a Service, VDI - virtual desktops rental
  • Remote Hand - management of client’s information system
  • Self-service - self-configuring opportunity of virtual network, machines and firewall at any time
  • Backup - data reservation, creating backup copies of client virtual machine in, physically separated from the virtual platform, data storage
  • Restore - restoring a virtual machine at the customer's request

As a result the Client receives:

  • high service availability regardless of your location and type of devices including mobile ones
  • essential decrease of one-time costs for purchasing the equipment and software
  • reduced costs for IT infrastructure operability maintenance
  • guaranteed 24/7/366 service and qualified technical support
  • optimized use of dedicated resources with possibility of its operative and flexible expansion or reduction
  • guaranteed access to the Cloud services – 99,97%
  • possibility to restore your data copies from the backup at any time
  • opportunity to link the remote branches and provide access to the unified virtual environment for all the employees.

More information and a virtual tour into OPTRON data center at www.optronds.eu

Contact us +371 67150000

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